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Tlice is a photo puzzle game, where player can solve the photo puzzle by drag and drop the photo slices. There are thousands of puzzles like general, celebrity, wonder, nature, cartoon, news and Facebook. You can upload and create your own photo puzzle and share with your friends. Tlice is completely free.

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Photo Puzzle Game

Photo Puzzle Game There are many games that are good for mind and are also fun like chess, cube and many more. Photo puzzle game is one of the killers and brain gym. A Photo Puzzle game allows you to create puzzles from your photo library or camera.

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Celebrities Puzzles

Step into the glamorous world of celebrities with our Celebrity Photo Puzzles! Immerse yourself in the lives of your favorite stars as you piece together images of Hollywood's A-listers, music icons, and beloved actors.

Each puzzle is crafted to capture the essence and charisma of these renowned personalities, allowing you to admire their beauty and talent while sharpening your puzzle-solving skills.

Sports Puzzles

Are you a sports fanatic? Our Sports Puzzles will put your passion to the test! Experience the thrill of legendary moments in sports history as you solve puzzles featuring iconic athletes, unforgettable victories, and adrenaline-pumping action shots.

Whether you love soccer, basketball, or any other sport, these puzzles will transport you right onto the playing field.

Kids Puzzles

Introduce your little ones to the joy of puzzle-solving with our Kids' Puzzles! Featuring adorable animals, vibrant colors, and familiar objects, these puzzles are specially designed to engage and entertain young minds.

Watch as your kids develop critical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, and an early love for problem-solving through our delightful collection of kids' puzzles.

User Generated Puzzles


But wait, there's more! Our "More Puzzles" category offers a diverse range of captivating challenges for every puzzle enthusiast.

Explore scenic landscapes, stunning architecture, cute pets, delicious food, and much more! With an array of themes and difficulty levels, these puzzles cater to every taste and expertise, making it a puzzle haven for all!

Tlice is a photo puzzle game, where player can solve the photo puzzle by drag and drop the photo slices.