Photo Puzzles

Tlice is a photo puzzle game, where player can solve the photo puzzle by drag and drop the photo slices. There are thousands of puzzles like general, celebrity, wonder, nature, cartoon, news and Facebook. You can upload and create your own photo puzzle and share with your friends. Tlice is completely free.

Photo Puzzle Game

Photo Puzzle Game There are many games that are good for mind and are also fun like chess, cube and many more. Photo puzzle game is one of the killers and brain gym. A Photo Puzzle game allows you to create puzzles from your photo library or camera.

Celebrities Puzzles

Katrina Kaif

Scarlett Johansson

Alexandra Daddario

It breaks the photos into a grid and shuffles the pieces. To solve the puzzle, you need to slide the pieces around until all the pieces are in the correct location. A photo puzzle games are based on various themes like historical photos or some famous cartoon photos. They can also be based on famous personality or a superhero. Photo puzzle came from his successor Jigsaw puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and mosaiced pieces.

Each piece usually has a small part of a picture on it; when complete, a jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture. It also has many mental benefits like apart from entertaining it Works your brain abilities, both sides, the creative to imagine the finished image and the logical to work the pieces. It Exercises concentration, attention, patience, analysis, planning, memory, aesthetics, and much more. It also provides conscious rest letting the mind rambling among the mess of pieces and suddenly finding a match.



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It can be even seen as a form of meditation as analysing a puzzle and pondering solutions stimulates and at the same time relaxes the brain. Photo puzzles are especially good for improving short-term memory. Our short-term memory helps us remember shapes and colours and visualize the bigger picture to figure out which pieces will fit together. Puzzles provide improvements to our vocabulary, memory, and overall reasoning. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the other benefits of puzzles is that they help raise our IQ (intelligence quotient).

Even if one doesn’t care about raising your IQ, keeping your brain active with puzzles can help delay the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show that keeping the mind active through puzzles and other problem-solving activities can reduce the amount of brain cell damage that occurs in Alzheimer’s patients. It also supports the growth of new nerve cells and strengthens the connections between them. Apart from this they also provide opportunities of increasing one’s knowledge as every time one gets new photo puzzle one gets a new photo which if related to history or current world adds to minds databank. When solving a photo puzzle, we must look at different pieces and figuring out where they fit within the larger picture.

Doing this regularly helps improve our visual-spatial reasoning. Photo puzzles can be offline like physical one or the computer based. They can even be customised and ordered with a family photo or any other photo. They also played as a competition of completing the puzzle in shortest time. The puzzle can be adjusted for multiple levels of difficulty. Start by solving 2 x 2 puzzles and work your way up to the 6 x 6 advanced puzzles.

Tlice is a photo puzzle game, where player can solve the photo puzzle by drag and drop the photo slices.